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Swap Kit
Keep it cool
Make simple work of the upcoming LS Swap into your car, truck or SUV. Isn't life better when it's LS powered? Yes!
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Our Products
Whether you need motor mounts to get your project started, or need the whole kit and caboodle, let LSx Everything help you get there. We are adding inventory to the store daily - if you do not see what you need, send us an email!
We remove the guesswork from what pump, regulator and lines to use. Whether N/A or Boosted. Choose wisely.
Because guessing your oil pressure, water temperature and speed is never a good idea.
Protecting your engine from heat failure is just as important as making more power with it. Let us help you keep cool.
Your LS engine is a big pump. And guess what? It loves exhaust upgrades. Combined with other upgrades = +HP!
Your LS Engine needs to breathe. More air in, more air out, and what do you have? More HP/TQ of course!
Fuel  is needed
Life is more fun with boost. Now you get to pick your poison. Just remember to choose responsibly.
You don't always have to go big or go home....but if you are going to do it, why not do it right? Cam Time!
Power is great. But no fun if you cannot put it down to the ground! Whether you are going up or down. Stick it!
Now that you have created the ultimate cruiser, hot rod or muscle car/truck - you need to put the icing on the cake! Lightweight and strong wheels to finish it off!
Replacement tires or new rubber. In either case, you will probably have the great problem of burning up your rubber with your new powerplant! What a great problem to have! 
LEDs, Xenon, and more. See further, hear better, breathe easier. Make your baby your own. Rival your luxury or exotic with the goodies that you enjoy usually. Have fun while you devour the road!
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Wheel  Catalog
Electronics Goodies
Model YOUR car, truck or SUV with a set of wheels from various manufacturers. This is awesome if you are on the fence about one wheel style vs. another. 
Everything that you need to complete your makeover in your pride and joy: From amplifiers to electronic crossovers to navigation. We've got you covered!
We know that there are some of you that are a little bit terrified of doing this swap into your prized possession. Rest assured we have the solution!